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About SDS

We Believe in Supplying Universal Products to Enhance the Self-Care and Beauty Experience

All women are beautiful, and they deserve to treat themselves that way. We found a disparity in accessible self-care and beauty products of high quality for women all around the world. To solve this problem, SDS decided to create a channel that would offer women quality products for skincare, bodycare, healthcare and beauty that would add value to their lives and improve their overall wellbeing.


Holistic Wellness Solution provider for all Women


Dermatologically Approved

Tested and skin-friendly products for total skin and body care. Sourced from professional skin specialists across the globe.

Innovation and Quality

We work with ground-breaking and innovative professionals to deliver products of the highest quality.

Easily Accessible

Traditional and digital methods of procurement make access to the best self-care solutions quick and easy.

Everyone is Beautiful

Our founder and team members have worked diligently to ensure that all our sourced products are available on the market. There are so many revolutionary products available around the world that do not get the platform they deserve. At SDS, we believe that our customers and our distributors get the best opportunities to interact and create a life-changing experience. Women deserve the best supplementary products to compliment their face, body, health and wellbeing, and our thoroughly researched and dermatologically approved products provide this solution. 

Our dealers and distributors deserve a global market to reach out to and share their innovations with, and SDS creates the perfect harmony as a platform to deliver desired results.


Rich Experience

Dr. Ahmad Salem

Founder and Chairman of SDS
Pharmaceutical Expert Specializing in Women’s Skincare, Beauty and Wellness

Dr. Ahmad Salem is the founder and Chairman of SDS. He is a trained pharmacist with a degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan. He has furthered his education and training in marketing, sales, product management and finance, and comes with decades of experience. He has worked with manufacturers and distributors across MENA countries. He recognized the need for various nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products in GCC countries, and made it his mission to create an industry and marketplace for women. Over the last two decades, due to Dr. Ahmad Salem’s tireless efforts, SDS has become an established presence in women’s cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Our Team


The country teams of Salem Drug Store have been carefully handpicked and appointed based on their skills and knowledge in the cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals industry. Qualified medical marketing professionals who are our team members have cultivated long term relationships with all key members of our supply chain eco system.

Are you passionate about transforming women’s lives?

If you are a leader, innovator or entrepreneur in skincare or a distributor of wellness products for women, contact us to join our list of reputed agents and distributors!